Alabama Police Chief Arrested for Pleasuring Himself at Panama City Beach

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Alabama Police Chief Arrested for Pleasuring Himself at Panama City Beach

This is quite possibly proof that when you enter the State of Florida you become criminally prone. Seriously, what is it with Florida!? Anyway...

In an ongoing investigation, Panama City Beach recently arrested the Police Chief of Level Plains, Alabama when resort guests at the Aqua Condominiums reported Billy Driggers to security for allegedly masturbating in public.

While a specific instance of exposing his junk were not on camera, surveillance footage did show Driggers using the elevators at the resort (which he had no valid reason to be at according to reports) and on three occasions had a hand down his pants like Al Bundy on the move.

It is also alleged that Driggers was touching himself while walking behind teenage girls at the beach adn filming or taking photos of girls rinsing off at the showers.

Driggers was arrested at work (awkward) last Thursday 10/4/18 on four counts of Disorderly Conduct. He’s now on administrative leave without pay pending the outcome of the investigation.

I sure hope this is a case of mistaken identity or that there’s some truly reasonable explanation for the perception of this crime but if not: if it were my daughters getting video recorded while a dude was touching himself I know I’d probably also be getting charged with a crime, but for much different reasons than Driggers.