Cops Catch Giant Pig with Doritos?

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Cops Catch Giant Pig with Doritos?

According to the San Bernadino County Sheriff's Department Facebook page:

"Well if this doesn’t go on the list of unusual calls... 🐖

Highland Station received a call reference a pig "the size of a mini horse" 🐷🐴 running around the neighborhood. Deputy Ponce and Deputy Berg found him and due to previous calls, knew where he lived. They lured him back home with Doritos one of our deputies had in her lunch bag 😋. They made a trail and he followed. “We were able to put him back in and secure the gate. It was fun!” Deputy Ponce.

Crime fighting to safely securing a mini horse size pig, we do it all!

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UPDATE- Following some questions we received, here are some updates:

The Doritos used to lure the pig back were the Poppin Jalapeños

We are unsure of the pig's name, but our deputies affectionately nicknamed him "Smalls"

What is cool is that Dorito's noticed the post and replied:

The irony is real when pigs catch pigs! You can't make this stuff up!

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