Cops Suspended for Leaking BodyCam of Mayor's Son

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Cops Suspended for Leaking BodyCam of Mayor's Son

Since the great lie of Ferguson, demanding body cams on every cop or having immediate access to body cam footage has been on a steady drip. Turns out there is a little caveat: as long as the body cam footage fits the narrative they want.

Two cops in Aurora, CO received suspensions after leaking footage of the Denver mayor's son Jordan Hancock. Hancock was stopped back on March 23rd for speeding 65mph in a 40mph zone. Get a load of how he ultimately treats the officer (video below):

Hancock: "My dad's the mayor you f--- b----t."

[officer] McClendon: "Mayor of what?"

Hancock: "Yeah exactly mother f---."

McClendon: "Denver?"

Hancock: "Don't worry about it bit**."

McClendon: "Well you're in Aurora bud. He ain't mayor of Aurora."

Hancock: "And guess what I'm about to get you fired you f--- bit**."

Now I'm assuming that despite the fact there was no wrong doing on the part of the officer, that the leaking of the footage by the other two was against policy (capturing it on a cell phone and sending it to someone who sent it to someone else and well, you know how it goes.). So, these officers are paying for their violation, which in the end was showing people what they should already know. Check out the video of this very nice young man whose apology since the incident is probably super sincere (cue eyeroll):

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