Guaranteed Way to Get Out of Speeding Tickets

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Guaranteed Way to Get Out of Speeding Tickets

From my good friend Chris Fisher:

I just saw a post in which someone was complaining because they got a speeding ticket.

Being the helpful guy that I am, I’m going to cross the thin blue line and tell you all a secret to avoid any and all speeding fines in the US. It may also work in other countries, but I haven’t tested it. My cop friends are going to hate me for telling this secret, but I can’t keep it in any longer!

This method comes from more than a decade of law enforcement experience. It works against police officers using radar or laser, as well as any speed enforcement cameras, too. It’s a detailed process, so try to stay with me.

Step 1: While driving, locate a large black and white sign, usually to the right of the roadway, with a large number printed on it. Memorize this number.

Step 2: Locate the speedometer on the vehicle you are driving. It usually is directly behind the steering wheel on the dashboard. Most new car manufacturers install helpful lighting to aid you in finding it.

Step 3: Lessen the pressure on your accelerator until the number indicated by the speedometer is equal to or less than the number from the sign in Step 1.

Step 4: As new signs come up, repeat steps 1-3.

This will guarantee that you do not get a speeding ticket. It works every time. You’re welcome.

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