Handcuffed Lady Steals Cop Car (Body Cam Footage)

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Handcuffed Lady Steals Cop Car (Body Cam Footage)

Back in March of this year, the lovely Angie Frost  was pulled over for driving a stolen motor vehicle in Tulsa.

The Tulsa Police Department have released body camera footage that shows a woman stealing a police cruiser. While I'm not sure about the policies of Tulsa with putting prisoners in the front seat (I know many State agencies do this for transport) I do know that for a woman, she's got a lot of balls. 


After a short chase with a little cop car on cop car action, they were able to locate Frost, who had bailed out in some apartments. So, bad job good job I guess?

This one is gonna be talked about a while and will be the stuff legends are made of to pass on to rookies :) You can't make this stuff up.

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