High School Band's Disgusting Anti-Cop Halftime Show

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High School Band's Disgusting Anti-Cop Halftime Show

On the heels of the death of two of Brookhaven police officers on 9/29/18, someone from the Forest Hills High School in Mississippi decided they should show up at their Brookhaven High School rivals and put on a truly despicable display of pro-violence against police officers.

The image above shows students dressed as doctors and nurses holding other students dressed as SWAT team members at gunpoint as part of their skit during half-time.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant rightfully condemned the Forest Hills High school band for a football halftime performance that he said was “unacceptable in a civilized society.” From my understanding, the band director from the Forest Hills school has been suspended.

Free speech is a cornerstone but depicting the killing of police officers in a way that supports it was completely inappropriate and this type of expression would never be encouraged in my home, even against those who would outright hate and despise us. Perhaps that shows the difference between fine officers that serve even those that hate them vs. those that hate them depicting acts of violence. 

Let's remember these two Brookhaven heroes: Cpl Zach Moak and Ptlmn James White.

For more of a list of the heroes who have fallen, you can always visit odmp.org