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Back in March of this year, the lovely Angie Frost  was pulled over for driving a stolen motor vehicle in Tulsa. The Tulsa Police Department have released body camera footage that shows a woman stealing a police cruiser. While I'm not sure about the policies of Tulsa with putting prisoners in the front seat (I know many State agencies do this for transport) I do know that for a woman, she's got a lot of balls.    After a short chase with a little cop car on cop car action, they were able to locate Frost, who had bailed out...

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"Regardless of what people say about the dudes wearing this uniform...we care." -Officer Casuccio of the Columbus Division of Police. While I think this officer is using hyperbole about the scope of anyone being killed with BB guns as "all over the country" the point remains that an officer (or anyone for that matter) simply cannot wait to see if what someone is wielding is shooting BBs or 9mm. Officer Peter Casuccio's body cam recorded the scene as he talked to the 11-year-old and his 13-year-old friend. The officer was patrolling Saturday with a ride-along from a community group when...

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Since the great lie of Ferguson, demanding body cams on every cop or having immediate access to body cam footage has been on a steady drip. Turns out there is a little caveat: as long as the body cam footage fits the narrative they want. Two cops in Aurora, CO received suspensions after leaking footage of the Denver mayor's son Jordan Hancock. Hancock was stopped back on March 23rd for speeding 65mph in a 40mph zone. Get a load of how he ultimately treats the officer (video below): Hancock: "My dad's the mayor you f--- b----t." [officer] McClendon: "Mayor of...

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