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“This is an example of the risk all police officer face as they work to protect the citizens they serve. This sort of incident affects the entire policing community,” Vancouver Police Department spokesman Sgt. Jason Robillard said in a statement. “We wish our officer a speedy recovery and will ensure the officer and his family have the support they need.”  These are the words from Robillard following an incident where two plainclothes officers in Vancouver were making contact with a vehicle with three male occupants, who decided that punching a cop repeatedly was a good idea before one takes off...

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This is quite possibly proof that when you enter the State of Florida you become criminally prone. Seriously, what is it with Florida!? Anyway... In an ongoing investigation, Panama City Beach recently arrested the Police Chief of Level Plains, Alabama when resort guests at the Aqua Condominiums reported Billy Driggers to security for allegedly masturbating in public. While a specific instance of exposing his junk were not on camera, surveillance footage did show Driggers using the elevators at the resort (which he had no valid reason to be at according to reports) and on three occasions had a hand down...

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On the heels of the death of two of Brookhaven police officers on 9/29/18, someone from the Forest Hills High School in Mississippi decided they should show up at their Brookhaven High School rivals and put on a truly despicable display of pro-violence against police officers. The image above shows students dressed as doctors and nurses holding other students dressed as SWAT team members at gunpoint as part of their skit during half-time. Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant rightfully condemned the Forest Hills High school band for a football halftime performance that he said was “unacceptable in a civilized society.” From my understanding,...

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