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Imagine you're mowing the lawn when all of the sudden your dad is trying to kill you with a chainsaw. I have a hard time envisioning my dad coming at me like that but then again I'm not from Tennessee. Well, if you're the son of 76 year old Douglas Ferguson, you don't have to imagine this anymore. Cops responded to a bleeding leg and head (mower blades tend to do that) after an argument between the father son duo escalated to involve dad wanting to chop his son up. While he's busy healing up he can take some time...

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This is quite possibly proof that when you enter the State of Florida you become criminally prone. Seriously, what is it with Florida!? Anyway... In an ongoing investigation, Panama City Beach recently arrested the Police Chief of Level Plains, Alabama when resort guests at the Aqua Condominiums reported Billy Driggers to security for allegedly masturbating in public. While a specific instance of exposing his junk were not on camera, surveillance footage did show Driggers using the elevators at the resort (which he had no valid reason to be at according to reports) and on three occasions had a hand down...

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One thing Florida is good for is always delivering some of the world's stupidest and strangest criminals. 30 year old Cory Hatzl is no exception to this rule.  According to an arrest report, Arianna Mabini said her boyfriend was riding his bicycle home from work about 1:15 a.m. when he called to tell her a man was chasing him on foot as he rode past a Winn-Dixie along Palm Coast Parkway. This man obviously turned out to be Hatzl. When deputies arrived they found a butt naked Hatzl yelling at Ellis. Hatzl had blood on his nose and kept yelling like he...

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